Full Armour Records Room Descriptions

Studio Features


Our professionally designed control room is acoustically true and well equipped with the latest technology including ProTools 12 HD, a combination of premium outboard gear, and a comprehensive list of plug-ins. With the classic Yamaha NS 10 one of the most influential nearfield monitors used in the professional mixing of sound recordings, we are able to ensure an accurate representation of the sound quality so that your performance sounds good no matter what format is used to listen outside of the studio.

Control Room at Full Armour Records


Great sounds start with tracking that captures the essence of that original performance.
Our tracking room is a custom designed, obtuse angle floating room, acoustically designed with the flexibility to accurately capture the nuance of each instrument. With so many variables in play, we are able to provide “punchy” drum sounds to pristine acoustic guitar, and can also adapt to a second vocal room.

Tracking Room at Full Armour Records


In the comfortable intimacy of our acoustically treated soundproof vocal (ISO) room,
we are able to record all aspects of voice-over, and capture podcast quality recordings and ADR sessions for the internet, radio, film and TV. The room is also perfect for tracking individual instruments.

Vocal Room at Full Armour Records

THE LOUNGE (Green Room)

In our lounge you can relax in a comfortable environment, watch TV, or a movie and enjoy complimentary teas & coffee.

The Lounge at Full Armour Records

Full Armour Equipment

Studio gear


Focusrite CCTOPRE 8 channel mic pre & dynamics.
ART SLA2 Studio Linear Amplifier
Yamaha/AVC50 amplifier


Event reference speakers.
Yamaha NS10 classic.
Tannoy Sub.

Rack Modules

Proteus 2000 (E-MU SYSTEMS) 1U rack Midi sound module.
JOEMEEK Studio Channel VC1 Amplifier. (Vintage 1964)
KORG TRITON rack mount Midi sampler.
Akai S1100 rack mount Stereo Midi Digital Sampler.
Kertzweil K200R sampler.
Korg A2 signal processer.
Lexicon MPX 100.
Eventide SP 2016 signal processer.
Zoom Studio 1201 digital reverb and multi effects.
AMS rmx 16 digital reverb.
Lexicon pcm 41 digital delay processer.
Ensoniq DP/4 parallel effects processer.
Yamaha SPX 90 .
Nord analog synthesizer. Rack mount.
Revox B77 reel to reel analog tape recorder.


M-Audio Keystation Pro 88. Midi Controller.Ensoniq.
Ensoniq SD1 Programable midi keyboard.
MAYPEX Mars Pro Drums.
Martin GPCPA4 Siris.
Martin DC-16RGTE Dreadnought.
Ovation LX Contour.
Ovation Country Legend.
Takamine 12 string. JOHN JORGANSON. (Signature Series)
Aria Pro Bass. CSB380 (Cardinal Series)


Neumann KM184
Shure KSM32
Shure Beta (Base Drum)
Blue (Baby Bottle)
AKG c3000B
AKG D112 (Base Drum)
Digital Reference DR-CX1 (Cardioid Condenser)
MXL 990 (Vocal)
MXL 991 (Condenser)
Samson C02 (Matched Condenser)