Oklahoma's World-Class Recording Studio Experience

Full Armour Records

Located in the Rock District downtown El Reno, in the heart of Oklahoma, Full Armour Records is a recording studio with surprising diversity and appeal. We bring decades of music production experience in every genre into a recording environment that is second-to-none. 

Thank you for checking us out. Let’s explore how Full Armour Records can help make your music dreams into your reality.


Engineering expertise.

While portable and home recording options have greatly expanded in the digital music age, most artists understand the advantages a professional studio offers, including producers and engineers to solve creative challenges, troubleshoot technical issues and get the most out of rooms custom built for recording.

A dynamic experience.

The key to making a great record is often creating the right atmosphere for the artist to relax, experiment, and create. At Full Armour Records we take great pride in helping bring songs to life in a fun, non-stressful, creative space. We would love to hear some of your music and talk about your next record.

A 10,000 mile journey

Our founder, Colin Forsey, has spent much of his life in and around studios all over the wold. From the revolutionary music industry of London in the 60’s and 70’s, to the iconic LA of the ’80’s and ’90’s, he has experienced firsthand how creating a world-class record is very different from a world-class live performance. Every note, indeed every breath is captured, and you have to live with what you’ve got. This experience has made us very practical about the creative process. 

Of the three components of production: capture, mixing, and mastering, the experience of the capture is most critical. It doesn’t matter how accomplished an artist you are, when that red light comes on – it’s on. Our first job is to help you relax and enjoy the experience so you can produce your very best work. 

Colin Forsey, Founder, Full Armour Records